About Melissa

When you work with me, your working with an experienced breastfeeding mom. I struggled with my own breastfeeding problems. With my first, we had just moved to a new state and didn’t know anyone. I really struggled with being a new mom, not knowing if what I was going through was normal. I had zero example of breastfeeding in my family and I was literally trying to survive with a very high needs baby who gained weight slowly and nursed every hour.  I was on Dr. Google all the time. I was exhausted, but VERY determined to make breastfeeding work!

It was when I went to my first breastfeeding support group that I realized what I was going through was normal. I learned to trust my instincts and to seek professional breastfeeding help and support from an IBCLC.

With my second baby, I felt more confident. Breastfeeding got off to a much better start, but after about two weeks, my sweet baby boy was suffering with skin rashes, itchy eyes, and sneezing. I once again needed help. My IBCLC and I figured out the culprit, he cleared up and we got to a point where breastfeeding was actually easy.  I nursed each of my kids over two years when they weaned themselves.

I’ve studied all things related to pregnancy, birth, babies and breastfeeding over many years. This is my passion! I became a La Leche League Leader in 2006 and have been helping mothers and babies ever since. I’m an International Board Certified Lactation Consultant (IBCLC) giving me an in-depth knowledge of all things breastfeeding.


WHAT IS AN IBCLC? “An International Board Certified Lactation Consultant is the only internationally recognized health care professional who specializes in lactation care.” “As a clinical expert in the management of breastfeeding and human lactation, the IBCLC is trained to counsel mothers and families on initiation, exclusivity, and duration of breastfeeding, and to assist amidst any difficulties or high-risk situations. IBCLCs are sensitive to and support the needs of mothers, infants, children, and various family structures in working toward breastfeeding goals (IBLCE, 2003, 2008; ILCA, 2006).”

Working on The TummyTime!™ Method!

I’m also trained as a TummyTime!™ Method Professional, helping your baby LOVE tummy time! The TummyTime!™ Method is wonderful in helping babies with structural issues such as torticollis, plagiocephaly (Flat head), head preference, oral restrictions (tongue and lip tie) and feeding issues. TummyTime!™ can even help your baby breastfeed better!



Elmhurst, IL, 60126

Email: Melissa@makanabreastfeeding.com

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