How Do I Help My Baby Get A Good Latch?

This great video show’s several different moms latching their babies onto the breast. I recommend this video to many of my clients. I like how it shows babies latching on with the head tilting slightly back, very wide open mouth, and chin going onto the breast first. This allows the baby to get much more breast tissue back inside the mouth, not just the tip of the nipple.


A lot of breast tissue far back in baby’s mouth (so the nipple reaches the spot where the hard and the soft palate meet), allows the baby to nurse more efficiently and with no pain to the nipple. ┬áIf you give this technique a try and you are still experiencing pain, cracked or bleeding, or you’re noticing a change in nipple shape (like a compressed look) then there maybe other issues going on which would be important to have an experienced IBCLC take a look. She can asses what maybe happening and give you suggestions/make a breastfeeding plan to get the latch to feel better.

If you have questions or concerns don’t hesitate to CONTACT ME. I would love to support you and get you to HAPPY BREASTFEEDING!

6 thoughts on “How Do I Help My Baby Get A Good Latch?”

  1. I’m a first time mom and exclusive breastfeeding. It’s been a month & my nipples are still sore to the touch. Is this normal?

    1. Melissa Preitauer

      Congratulations on exclusively breastfeeding! You really shouldn’t have any nipple pain. A few things to think about… is the pain always there even when baby is not latched on? If so it maybe something other than a latching issue like Thrush or Vasospasm. If the pain is during each feeding and once the pain never settles, and maybe you’re also seeing the shape of your nipple being compressed like a lipstick tube, those are signs of a latching issue. If you’ve worked on trying to get a deep latch and it’s not working there maybe a structural issue like a tight upper lip or tongue. Feel free to call 773-575-2629 or email me @ if you have further questions. Hope this helps!

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