How To Have A Family Centered C-section

Have you heard of a Family Centered C-section? 

While having a natural birth is the most ideal way to help get breastfeeding off to the best start. The fact remains that the C-section rate in this country is extremely high and extremely medical. Current practices do not take into account mother and baby bonding, and the effects c-sections have on breastfeeding.

If a c-section is necessary this newer concept of a Family Centered Cesarean Section creates an environment that respects mom and baby’s ability to express their natural birthing instincts and helps initiate breastfeeding earlier (soon after birth within the golden hour) than a common c-section (where a baby an be separated from mom for an hour or more).

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♦ Hospital staff is more likely to pay attention to procedures, and not talk parents through what’s happening. Operating rooms have bright lights and loud noises ♦ Operating room is calm and quiet, mother maybe able to bring her own music to help create a more calm environment.
♦ Medical equipment used on the mother during the surgery restricts mothers use of arms ♦ A doula maybe allowed in the operating room
♦ Medications used to numb the mother may also numb too much of her body restricting the use of her upper body.   ♦ Blood pressure cuff put onto the non-dominant arm and covered with a soft cloth to allow mom to hold her baby right after delivery
♦ After delivery baby is taken away from the mother to have procedures and checks done under a warming light. ♦ EKG lines put more off to the side to allow more of mother’s chest to open for skin-to -skin contact right after birth.
♦ Baby can be away from mother for an hour or more, delaying initial breastfeeding ♦ Drape removed after the incision is made so that mother and father are able to see their baby being born.
  ♦ Baby is delivered in a slow manner, allowing fluids to be pushed naturally out of baby’s lungs as it would during natural child birth.
  ♦ Baby is put directly onto mom’s chest skin-to-skin
  ♦ Cutting the umbilical cord is delayed allowing all the nutrients from the cord time to reach the baby.
  ♦ All of baby’s checks and procedures are done directly on mom.



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4 thoughts on “How To Have A Family Centered C-section”

  1. What a great concept for helping moms bond with their babies and have a more natural process. Allowing instincts to present themselves can only be of benefit to mother and child.

    1. Melissa Preitauer, IBCLC

      Absolutely! Anything we can do to help a baby come into this strange new world in the most gentle way. =)

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