Initial Consult

In-home $230 / In-Office $190 (self pay; FREE if covered by insurance)

What to expect

  • Paperwork: I’ll have you fill out my breastfeeding questionnaire and medical history intake forms before our consult asking several questions about how you and your baby are doing and what’s been happening.
  • Oral assessment: I’ll do an oral assessment of the inside of your baby’s mouth. Checking your baby’s sucking strength and range of motion of the tongue giving me information on how baby maybe latching and sucking at the breast. 
  • Weight check: I’ll do pre and post feeding weights to give us a snapshot of how much breastmilk your baby is taking in at that feeding.
  • Positioning and Latching: Watch how your baby is positioning and latching onto the breast, observe a breastfeeding session, and give suggestions and adjustments as we go along.
  • Structural assessment: If I believe there maybe structural issues with your little one (such as torticollis, pain in the neck, baby favoring one side over the other, jaw clenching issues, etc…) I’ll do a quick and gentle structural assessment. We’ll put your baby on a blanket on the floor and I’ll observe your baby in Tummy Time, if there is enough time I’ll also teach you the Tummy Time Method! helping your baby enjoy tummy time while also working on any structural tightness we may see. Many babies are born with some kind of tightness due to certain positioning in the womb, difficult labor and delivery, and even oral restriction (lip/tongue tie). 
  • All this will help me get the whole picture of what is happening with your breastfeeding situation.
  • I’ll provide you with information, techniques and suggestions to help.  I may show you breastfeeding videos, links to articles, and a list of suggestions to help you remember what we discussed during our session. I’ll also provide you with referrals to trusted preferred providers if needed.  
  • Together we will create a plan that works best for you and your family!
  • Plan on me being with you and your baby for about 2 to 2 1/2 hours.

Things to consider

  • We don’t want your little one to be super hungry, but definitely ready to nurse during our consult. If you can time a nursing session about an hour or so before I arrive then most babies are ready to nurse again during our consult. We’ll go off of your baby’s timing, so no rushing through anything.
  • I’ll watch a nursing session at your normal breastfeeding spot, unless we are in my office (in which case I have very comfortable chairs, couches, and pillows to work with). Please have any pillows that you normally use near by.
  • Regarding your pump: If you have questions, need instructions, or would like me to look at your pump flange size, please have all of your pumping supplies ready and near. If an office visit be sure to bring all your pump parts. 
  • Please DO NOT clean up or worry about how your house looks!! I am there for YOU and your baby!
  • After our consultation please feel free to call, text, or email with any questions or concerns regarding the breastfeeding plan we come up with. There is no charge for quick questions pertaining to your initial consult for up to 2 weeks to keep your progress moving forward! If you would like more support I would suggest a follow-up or if you like to be able to ask questions at any time instead of Dr. Google you can subscribe to my weekly unlimited support

Payment and Insurance Info

Do you have a Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Illinois PPO,  Cigna PPO or United Healthcare PPO insurance plan? 

  • Go ahead and fill out this FORM and Enter: Melissa Schiff as your IBCLC.
  • They’ll check to see if your insurance plan will cover our consult!
  • We’ll both receive an email from Lactation Network letting you know if you’re covered or not.
  • Go ahead and call /text /email/ or schedule your in-home consult HERE.
  • Note: ANY and ALL insurance claims and payment will go through The Lactation Network not Makana Breastfeeding/ Melissa Schiff, IBCLC.

If you do not have the above insurances, the in-home consult will be considered self-pay.

Self Pay and Superbill:

  • Payment is due at the end of our consultation.
  • I can take cash, check, or credit card. I do prefer cash or check which helps me avoid credit card processing fees. I can also take most HSA cards.
  • I am not in-network with any health insurance companies. I would be considered an out-of-network provider. I do have a professional receipt called a Super Bill (a receipt with medical insurance coding) that I will provide you. I highly recommend submitting to your insurance. There is no guarantee that your insurance company will pay, but it’s worth a try. Please note: it is your responsibility to submit the Superbill receipt to your insurance.

*Map to show you the many area’s I serve. If you are outside this area, feel free to email or call, I often make home visits outside of these area’s. A nominal travel fee maybe applied.

Area map


Melissa Schiff, IBCLC, RLC | (773)575-2629 |

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