Why Call A Private Practice IBCLC While Still In The Hospital?

“Why would I call an Internationally Board Certified Lactation Consultant (IBCLC) after I’ve had my baby in the hospital?” “Isn’t there a Lactation Consultant in the hospital to help me with breastfeeding?” These are excellent questions to ask! It is so essential to inform yourself of your options. I encourage you…

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5 Ways We Can All Support Mom’s With Breastfeeding

The World Alliance for Breastfeeding Action (WABA) has put attention on the huge need for mothers to receive continued breastfeeding support not only in the beginning but throughout her breastfeeding experience. This topic is near and dear to my heart since I’ve been supporting mom’s and babies for many years…

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Welcome to Makana Breastfeeding!

Lactation Consultant Naperville, IL and surrounding areas

Are you: • Pregnant • Breastfeeding your first baby • An expected dad trying to figure out what breastfeeding is all about and how you can help your partner • An experienced mom but this baby breastfeeds completely different than your other babies • Adopting and want to learn how…

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