Meet some of Melissa's clients and read about their experiences receiving breastfeeding help!

“When I had my second son, I had issues latching onto my left breast due to anatomical reasons. We also struggled to get comfortable for each feeding. Two weeks after he was born, I called Melissa. I was happy to meet someone who was very knowledgeable, professional, and personable. Since I also breastfed my first son, I had a few techniques that I was already trying, but to little effect. Melissa took everything a step further and with her help, I am still breastfeeding with ease four months later. I also am able to pump up to 20 ounces a day. I felt comfortable the entire time and I would definitely recommend Melissa to anyone in need of help!” Dierdra, Downers Grove, IL

“After spending the rest of the week really following all your instructions, things are great. Yesterday was the first day back full time pumping at work while the baby was at school. Before I struggled to even get 12 ounces to send with him to school, yesterday I easily pumped 22 ounces! I was able to send him 2 extra ounces (14 ounces) today and still have 8 for my freezer. It is so much less stressful to know that my baby is getting plenty of milk AND I am going to be able to keep that up while away from him. Thank you for EVERYTHING! By committing to following your instructions, I was able to see improvements so quickly. I appreciate everything and will definitely stay in contact. We are hoping to have more babies so I’m sure you’ll be hearing from me again!” Kelly, Homer Glen, IL

“I contacted Melissa on a weekend off an Independent IBCLC’s website. She promptly returned my message and offered professional and clear direction on how to handle my potential problem. She provided me with natural ways to combat my problem, as well as, answered all of my many questions or concerns I shared with her. Melissa was great at troubleshooting to best help my issue(s) at hand. Her working knowledge of breastfeeding and all that comes along with it is evident.  Melissa was easy to talk with via phone or text message, followed up with me and offered suggestions that she felt would make my experience a better one breastfeeding my son. I would recommend Melissa’s services to those I know and will be in touch with her down the line for any breastfeeding support I may need.” Jessie, Downers Grove, IL

“I am so grateful to have had Melissa’s services through my first pregnancy. There were so many things I needed to prepare for but really had no clue about. Makana Breastfeeding helped make my first few weeks as a new mother so much easier with the great informational webinar and even guidance with a birth plan. When I ran into some trouble due to having a preemie, Melissa was a great support and helped me get through some rough patches. I don’t know what I would have done without her guidance. I highly recommend Makana Breastfeeding for any new mother planning to breastfeed. No matter where your level of knowledge lies, you are guaranteed to learn more and have an amazing support network.”Jillian, Austin, TX
“Things continue to go great!!! I can’t believe we are doing it!!! I had no faith in us and we are doing it! I just wanted to say that if it wasn’t for you I would have given up. Thank you!!! It really clicked for us on Saturday (a week from the day you first saw us). I was scared to believe that we were doing it because I thought she might take a few steps back again, but she’s been nursing like a champ since then. She only gets one bottle a day (at night), and I think I’m gonna cut that one out for now because she is way more content after breastfeeding vs. bottle feeding. Her next doc appt is in 2 weeks so I will be interested to see what her weight gain is since the tongue tie clipping. Again, thank you! I owe this all to you.” Karen, Naperville, IL
“I really appreciate all of the information you have provided me, it has been extremely helpful, and I feel confident going back to work and feeding her while I am out of the house. The past 2 months have been a whirlwind. It really helped establishing a relationship with you before giving birth. After meeting with you all my questions and concerns about breastfeeding/newborns/changes in general…were answered. While giving birth I took your advice and focused my energy “downward” and pushed low. Labor was a beautiful experience and taking your advice helped me get through it immensely. You are a wonderful person and very educated. I loved hearing about your experiences and advice from your own children. My personal opinion is that it is important to bond together with other mothers before and after childbirth. I was very lucky to have met you and feel no hesitation to reach out for a quick response to my questions or when I need a little advice. I highly recommend your services and have forwarded your contact information to some friends.” Lisa, Winfield IL
“I’m feeling soooo much better and the blockage is gone, thank you for your help! It’s always nice to talk to someone with experience!” Rachael, Hawaii

“I feel Melissa is an excellent consultant. Any questions that I had, Melissa was able to give her own educated explanation and followed up her answers with resources which were sent to me by E-mail that I can access anytime. She also gave a lot of personal examples too which makes a new mom feel not so alone with her issues. She was very understanding and flexible when it came to time our follow up appointments. She was aware of the timing struggle new mothers can have with newborns and understands how we have to run off the baby’s schedule. Melissa shows genuine care and concern.” Jessie, Utah

Melissa Schiff, IBCLC, RLC
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