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Consent for Virtual Session:

By typing my Full Name and submitting this form, I am requesting a virtual breastfeeding consultation with Melissa Schiff, IBCLC for myself and my infant/s. The consultation may include but not be limited to:
• a visual examination of my breasts
• a visual examination of my baby's mouth
• an observation of a breastfeeding session
I understand that Melissa will do her best to answer all my questions, but some breastfeeding situations are more in-depth requiring an In-person Breastfeeding Consultation. If Melissa feels my situation would be better handled with an In-person Breastfeeding Consultation she will recommend one for me. If I'm not in Melissa's area she will help me find a Lactation Consultant near me.

While the advice given by a Lactation Consultant is effective in most instances, I understand that these recommendations may not completely remedy or prevent adverse symptoms. The success depends, in large part, on my follow-through with the recommendations. I understand that my physician is my primary health care provider and that he/she is responsible for the overall care of my infant/s. All payments are due at the time of service.

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