Virtual Consult

SUPPORTING BREASTFEEDING PARENTS THROUGH VIRTUAL CONSULTS (self pay, currently free coverage through BCBS PPO and Cigna PPO insurances)

We are in some pretty uncertain times. You don’t want to leave your house with your little one, but you still need breastfeeding support. I can help you through any breastfeeding issue!

Initial Consult – up to 2 hrs – $150 – I make our consult as close to an in-home or office visit as possible! I’ll do a full assessment for you and your baby, watch a breastfeeding session, we make adjustments as we go a long and then address any questions and concerns you may have. We can even work with your pump! We’ll come up with a breastfeeding plan that works best for you and your little one. 

Follow-up Consult – 1hr – $85 – we’ll meet again and go through your questions and concerns based on how things are going. This is also a great option for my current clients that I’ve seen in-person given the current events.

  • Wondering if your baby is getting enough? Not sure you’re making enough?
  • Nipples are sore and latching is painful?
  • Baby is nursing non stop and you don’t know why?
  • Baby is fussy at the breast, pulling on and off?
  • Thinking “how the heck can I go back to work and still breastfeed”?
  • Getting pressure to wean your older breastfed baby?
  • Not sure if what you’re going through is normal?
  • Hearing a lot of conflicting advice, but not sure what’s right?

Don’t keep yourself wondering, worrying, or frustrated

put your mind at ease

I respect your privacy 100%! Virtual consults are done with a secure private video conferencing system, in my office behind closed doors. No distractions, interruptions, and only I can see and hear you.



  • Book your virtual consult, payment is required at the time of booking, and fill out intake and consent forms (links provided during booking) PLEASE NOTE:  If you would like to use your insurance please fill out this form on the form be sure to say Melissa Schiff, IBCLC sent you. Then text me at 773-575-2629 and we can find a good time to schedule. 
I’ll send you an email with a link to join me on Google Meet which is secure, private, and HIPAA compliant, for our scheduled time.
We’ll go through your questions and I’ll give you great suggestions to help your situation! 
Some tips to help our consult run as smooth as possible: 
  • Please arrange to have someone else available to move the camera around for you. I like to see up close in baby’s mouth, how you are positioning yourself, and how baby is latching.
  • Plan to feed baby about 1-1.5 hr before our scheduled consult, so baby will be hungry and ready to eat but not super hungry and upset.
  • If bottle feeding and you have questions about the bottle, please have that ready as well. I can assess a lot when I see baby feeding from the bottle.  
  • Have your pump and parts available and near you to work with during the consult if you have questions on pumping or flange size fit.
  • Have some water near you in case you get thirsty! Important to take care of YOU! 
I’ll send you a care plan and links to videos and articles to go with the plan we create. I’ll also send you a Superbill that I highly recommend you submit to your insurance for reimbursement.
Feel free to text me at #773-575-2629 if you have any questions at all!
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