Welcome to Makana Breastfeeding!

Are you:

• Pregnant
• Breastfeeding your first baby
• An expected dad trying to figure out what breastfeeding is all about and how you can help your partner
• An experienced mom but this baby breastfeeds completely different than your other babies
• Adopting and want to learn how to lactate or figure out how to relactate
• Thinking it might be time to wean
• A grandma that wants to provide information to your daughter about breastfeeding

You have come to the right place! I hope you’ll find helpful information on pregnancy, birth, info on all the in’s and out’s of breastfeeding, weaning, parenting, and healthy lifestyle choices.


Makana Breastfeeding is always here to help you! If you have a breastfeeding question or issue call or email me!  CONTACT MELISSA  Keep in mind the sooner you get help with breastfeeding problems the easier the things can be resolved, getting you and your baby back on track!

I look forward to connecting, supporting, encouraging, and providing you information and answers to your questions!

Melissa Preitauer, IBCLC

Naperville, IL 60564/(773)575-2629



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